Return To Work or Return From Medical Leave Testing

Returning an employee to work or from medical leave after injury is not always a clear proposition.  Without knowledge of the job tasks and requirements, health care providers rely on the patient to provide an overview of the job.  In some cases the answer to the question "Are you ready to return to work?" can lead to a conflict, well intentioned or not.   

Those who overstate their abilities or understate their job tasks. 

                       Those who understate their abilities or overstate their job tasks. 

Neither of these situations are accurate and objective.  

Assure your employees are not only physically ready to return, assure they are prepared for the specific requirements of their job.

How do I begin a testing program?

A thorough job analysis must precede any testing. From this analysis a screening is created to match the essential functions and the other requirements of the job.

There are six commonly accepted principles that relate to creation and validation of the evaluation processes:

Safety - The test should take place in a controlled environment and be expected not to cause harm or lead to injury.
Standardization - The process must be arranged in such a manner that reproduction of the protocol is possible.
Reliability - The results should be dependable across evaluators, individuals, and the date or time of test administration. The inter and intra coefficient of variance must be acceptable.
Validity - The interpretation of the testing results must be relational to a comparison of current individual abilities and job critical demands.
Practicality - The economic value of the process must be in line with the resulted benefit. However, cost-effectiveness is measured in both short and long-term benefits.
Utility - The multi-disciplinary application of the results and degree to which the information obtained meets requirements of the evaluee, company and payer.

What Is Included in Testing?

  • Health Questionnaire, Test Instruction and Consent Forms 
  • Height, Weight, Pulse Monitoring and Blood Pressure
  • General Musculoskeletal Examination (muscle testing, range of motion, reflexes, sensory etc.) and Specific Tests as Needed
  • Functional Movement Screening as Needed
  • Cardiovascular Condition/Fitness Testing and Classification as Indicated by Procedures (Optional)
  • Wellness Components: Obesity Classification, BMI Classification, Smoking Cessation Information (Optional) 
  • Manual Material Handling Testing (Dynamic and Isometric Lift/Lower/Carry/Push/Pull) of Essential Job Functions 
  • Hand Strength Assessment (Grip and Pinch)
  • Non Material Handling Testing of Essential Job Functions
  • Body Mechanics, Flexibility and Strength, Posture, Anatomical, Ergonomic, Job Coaching Instruction with Follow-Up As Needed
  • Musculoskeletal Score (Normal, Good, Fair, Poor)

Tests are conducted onsite for your convenience.

Return From Medical Leave Evaluations