Facility Mapping

  • Do you have an area of your plant that has injuries but you are not able to narrow down which activities are causing the problems?
  • Do you have injuries but there is no apparent pattern to where and why you are having them? 
  • Do you have production issues that you are unable to correct?

This method of mapping is a way to determine your course of action to begin ridding your facility of these problems. This is a systematic method used to begin the process of identifying problem areas.

Modeling programs such as REBA, RULA, NIOSH Lift Equation and University of Michigan 3D Static Strength Model are utilized to lay out a hierarchy of risk or utilized as a trend analysis. This method is utilized in the beginning of your safety, ergonomic or injury process to provide you a "road map" to follow.  From this a course of action can then be determined based on the criteria you have established or the goals you desire to meet.  A job analysis can assist in mapping your facility to determine high risk jobs/tasks or providing a medically based explanation of jobs in relation to their repetitiveness, forces used, etc.