Job Analysis

Our job analysis process is diverse in its uses and in its results. From the initial stages of gathering written, pictorial and video data, to the analysis/documentation, and to the final stage of findings and recommendations review with company representatives.  This process is thorough and communicative.

This thorough job analysis process yields much useful information in many areas:

A job analysis can be a basic starting point to provide job coaching to employees to instruct in proper work techniques. This is very useful in the return to work process as well.
A job analysis can yield specific information when determining the physical requirements of the job to create a job description that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA Physical Requirement Job Description

A thorough job description documents specific, measurable and descriptive components.

Utilize this job description for:

  • Human Resource Documentation
  • Hiring Process: Post Offer Screening Documentation
  • Assisting Physicians, Case Managers, Insurance Carriers
  • Return to Work/Return From Medical Leave Process
  • Transitional Duty Identification
  • Process Improvement Activities that are Vital to Your Business

Available Components of Job Description:

  • Analysis for 8, 10 or 12 Hour Jobs
  • Identifies and Documents Job Title Share Potential
  • DOT Code Classification
  • Job Demographics
  • Physical Demand Classification (PDC)
  • Job Process and Task Documentation​
  • Tools, Equipment and Gear Utilized
  • 23 Different Non Material Handling Activities
  • Non Material Handling Physical Demands Classification
  • Physical Demand Classification Metrics
  • Essential and Marginal Job Functions
  • Environmental Conditions Documentation
  • Upper Extremity Use Analysis
  • Lower Extremity Use Analysis
  • Sensory Requirements
  • Lift/Lower/Carry/Push/Pull Analysis
  • Time Study Analysis of Operation
  • Pictorial Documentation Can Be Built Into The Document
  • Video Documentation: Short job task clips available to send electronically
  • Single Page: Lift/Lower/Carry/Push/Pull, Upper and Lower Extremity Use Documentation

Imagine being able to send this information to your company physician, or an employee's personal physician, so the medical team is able to make a more informed and expedient decision regarding your valuable asset's return to work abilities.

This package is finalized in an easy to read document that can be added to your existing job descriptions and medical files.

ADA Job Description